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About HighMark Digital

About Us The History

HighMark Digital has a legacy of bringing real and relevant solutions to the door replacement market that focus on driving sales and developing tools to overcome the issues largely seen in the industry. The company's team bring decades of experience in door manufacturing, installation, and marketing. Because of its history, it brings real experience to the market, which can be seen by its products and market approach and is why the company is the largest door replacement company of its kind.

HighMark Digital Today

HighMark Digital introduced the One-Cut service and measuring technology in 2008 and is the clear leader in technology-based solutions for the door replacement market. The One-Cut service is time-tested and winner of Window and Door Crystal Achievement Award for most innovative product.

The One-Cut service has allowed door replacement under a new model to be available across the United States.

The Team

The HighMark Digital team brings more real and focused experience in the door manufacturing and replacement market combining door replacement methodology and knowledge, technology, and consumer marketing - all key factors for the replacement market.
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