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HomeStory Dealerships

Dealerships Imagine operating a business with the following benefits:
• High in-home sales close rates due to little to
no competition.
• Receiving custom-fitting and painted doors ready to be installed.
• Complete a whole-home install in 2 to 3 hours with no construction or mess,
something only you can claim.
• Eliminate the need for highly-skilled and highly paid labor.

The technology and system that allows all of the doors in a home to be replaced in 2 hours is now available as a dealership model. We have built the dealership model to be comprised of key tools that make door replacement easy, predictable and efficient. This includes:
• The One-Cut Measuring Device.
• A Tablet-PC with an order entry application that allows the salesperson to create
an estimate by selecting the products for the home and being able to have
the customer sign the quote right from the screen.
• Marketing collateral and advertisement for the dealer to use.
• And much more.

A typical day for a HomeStory crew:
A HomeStory crew of two can install every door in a home in a few hours, which allows this same crew to complete 2 to 3 homes per day, rather than one home in two to three days using older replacement methods such as pre-hungs.

Since custom and painted doors that are ready to be installed are delivered directly to the dealer, there is little production work to be done. This eliminates the need for the business owner to hire expensive and seasoned installers, which drives up the cost of labor.

In the morning the crew load up their service truck with up to 30 doors and head to the first installation appointment. While one crew member introduces himself to the homeowner and walks through the job to explain what they will be doing, the second installer begins staging the doors.

It's predictable for the business owner, which makes managing and scaling the business much more manageable than other home improvement businesses.

And best of all, the homeowner is pleasantly surprised that the new doors made such a big change to their home and was so easy. This means you get paid, your employees are happy and your customers are happy to refer you.

If you would like to learn more about a HomeStory dealership in your market, contact us at 800-764-4711 or busdev@highmarkdigital.com.
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