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The Demand for New Doors

Demand The door replacement market has virtually been untouched. There are now over 1 billion doors in the US market that are ready to be replaced, accounting for the doors installed in homes over 25 years old. No company has strategically or aggressively gone after the market and created a set of tools to effectively service homeowner and commercial markets...until now!

HighMark Digital is the leader in the development of technology-based solutions and consumer sales and marketing tools positioned around a strong brand.

With this combination of solutions and its real-world experience in the door replacement market and branding and marketing consumer goods and services, a complete dealer package has been developed to successfully capture the market in a controlled and scalable environment.

As you drive down the street with homes built before 1990, how many do you think have replaced their old doors? The opportunity is huge and HomeStory has the tools to capture this market effectively.

If you would like to learn more about how you can fill this demand in your market, visit our HOMESTORY DEALER page or contact us at 800-764-4711 or busdev@highmarkdigital.com.
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