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How the Door Measuring Technology and System Work

Technology Ask yourself: What home improvement can a homeowner make to update their entire home in a few hours, with no construction or mess and be affordable enough to put on a credit card?

HighMark Digital has made replacing all of the doors in a home in 2 hours possible and affordable because of its proprietary door measuring technology that offers its dealers a simple 3-step process: Measure, Cut, Install

1. Measure: Using our proprietary door-measuring technology, each existing door
opening is measured in a few minutes. The geometry of the opening, including any
imperfections like a bowed jamb, and the hinge and lockset placements are captured.

2. Cut: Next, the doors are custom-milled on a CNC machine at HighMark Digital's
production facility to the specifications taken from the measuring device. This
precision allows the doors to be pre-painted with a high quality spray finish and
delivered to HomeStory dealers.

3. Fit: Finally, since every door was made customized to fit, all of the doors in a home
can be installed in 2 to 3 hours, rather than 2 to 3 days! The doors slide right into the
existing hinge pockets on the jamb and close. And the homeowner is ecstatic since there was no construction, no mess, and your team was in and out.
Measure Cut Fit
HomeStory, utilizing HighMark Digital's proprietary door-measuring technology and sourcing of the customized products, is available as a dealership model. Click here to learn more about the dealership model or contact us to speak to someone about the opportunity.
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